Embrace Your Journey — Advice to Recent Graduates

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3 min readJun 30, 2022

“That clock you hear is the sound of your own heart. Sink your teeth into this life, and don’t let go.” — Lin-Manuel Miranda

How many times in the past six months has someone given you life advice? As you kickstart your career post-graduation, the noise from others will only grow louder. The most challenging part will be to point out the pieces you want to take to heart from those that don’t match your reality. Today, our team at Richard Allen Inc is sharing tips on embracing your journey, and all that awaits you. While we know you’re most likely tired of listening to everyone’s opinions, we think you’ll be surprised by what we have to say.

To start, we want to remind you whose life you are living. You have graduated from college; that is a monumental achievement, and you get to decide your next steps. Not your parents, not your advisors, YOU. Throw their ideas for your future in the trash and start thinking about what would make you truly happy. If you want to pursue a career that matches your major, do it! If you would rather take a risk and apply to positions in a field that excites you but doesn’t match your credentials exactly, then we encourage you to do so! You only have one life. You may as well spend it discovering what you love.

While your journey is your own, we do recommend leaning on others. The upcoming months are going to be full of obstacles you’ve never experienced before. Instead of tackling them alone, surround yourself with support. Your circle could include a mentor working in your desired career field, peers from school, your next-door neighbor, etc. As long as these people are supportive, encouraging, and helpful, they will help you achieve your goals, and that’s what matters! Don’t fly solo because you’re too proud to ask for help. Success requires a team effort, as does getting your foot in the door.

Our last piece of advice is the most difficult. Your journey will not be identical to your peers, which is okay. Don’t compare your life to others. All that will do is make you feel inadequate. Run your own race and embrace your own journey. It doesn’t matter if you land the perfect job a week out of school or three months later. What’s vital is that you are using every available moment to learn, grow, and sharpen your skills!

Who knew time could move so quickly? You’ve spent the past four years, or better yet, the past seventeen years, wishing for this moment. Well, it’s here. How do you feel? If you answered nervously, then you’re on track. It can be scary not knowing what’s to come but take it from us at Richard Allen Inc; when you face what frightens you most, you achieve what you could never have dreamed!

Best of luck as you take these next steps, and congratulations!



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