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3 min readDec 22, 2021

At Richard Allen Inc, we all remember what it was like to be in college and have NO earthly idea what we wanted to do after graduation! We remember the summers struggling to look for an internship that didn’t require fetching coffee and donuts for everyone (haha), and the quest to find experiences that would add not only value to our resumes, but also to our careers.

With these memories still fresh in our minds, we made the decision years ago to cultivate two internships, one focused in marketing & sales and the other, human resources & recruitment. This summer 2016, Bentley University student Nicole Storz took advantage of our Long Island office’s HR internship, and her experience was one for the books! We decided to interview her so she could share with the rest of the world what made her internship unforgettable.

Q — Nicole, what objectives did you know you wanted to learn before starting at Richard Allen Inc?

A — Before I started I knew I wanted to gain experience in a business that worked in the marketing field. I wanted to learn how to improve my communication skills, negotiation ability and see behind the scenes how the direct marketing world worked.

Additionally, since the position was on the administrative side, I looked forward to learning about what is included in finding people who match the company’s values, and who could potentially be future employees.

Q — What was the top skill you learned or improved?

Through this internship, I was able to improve upon my interpersonal skills. My confidence level when talking to a colleague, client, or future team member is on another level from when started. I am more sure of myself and speak with more conviction!

Q — What are you going to take back to school this month?

Besides confidence, I think I’m taking back a good dose of humility. Getting my feet wet in the marketing world reminded me how much I still have left to learn and grow as a professional. Though being in the workforce this summer helped me to grow considerably, it also made me grateful I still have another year at school to prepare!

Q — What was your favorite memory from the internship?

I can’t choose just one! There were always good vibes in the office which made coming in to work every day a positive experience. My favorite memories include just being in the office with people who are so welcoming and fun.

Q — Final question: what’s the best advice you took from this experience!?

Never giving up is definitely the best advice that I have learned through my experience at Richard Allen Inc. Perseverance is an invaluable skill to have no matter what field you are in. I will be able to carry out this mentality in the future for my career and life in general.

Nicole, though your internship has ended, you will always be one of our team. We can never thank you enough for your commitment to our company this summer, and want to know we’re always here after you graduate and seek full-time employment (haha)! Keep up with your killer personality, smile, and work ethic, and the world is your oyster!



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