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3 min readApr 29, 2021

As much as we pride ourselves on our ability to generate our clients new customers on a daily basis, our greatest source of joy at Richard Allen Inc is providing opportunity for our team members to grow as professionals. Whereas the goal in most organizations is to retain quality individuals for decades, ours is to empower and equip team members with the tools that help them and our client expand into new offices and markets. By capitalizing on the entrepreneurial spirit of our people and providing them the opportunity to oversee their own private marketing & sales firm, we ensure long term career satisfaction and growth.

It is with great pride that we announce in 2 weeks current Assistant Manager, David, will be helping the Richard Allen Name expand into the Big Apple — a feat that came after a year of hard work and unwavering commitment. Expanding with 6 others from our White Plains office, David and team will continue to represent our current fiber-optic telecom client, just on a MUCH larger scale in a MUCH larger city! Curious how David got promoted into a Management role and will now be helping oversee a new branch office?! Here’s how:

  1. He Developed Stellar Communication Skills: A journalism major, David came to us a gifted orator and writer. Despite that advantage, he continued to develop his ability to negotiate, persuade, and explain his thoughts — skillsets a true leader needs when communicating to multiple personality types and learning styles. Lesson: Communication is EVERYTHING in business. Work at it daily.
  2. He Was Always Hungry To Learn: David looked at everyday within his Management Training as an adventure. He believed there was something he could learn from every person and experience and thought of himself as a student rather than the teacher. Despite being in a leadership role at Richard Allen Inc the last 6 months, David remained humble and hungry to learn. Lesson: Pretend like you never left school!
  3. He Was Internally Competitive: No matter how well David was doing at work, he always believed he could do better. He competed with himself daily, constantly redefining what “great work” was. Much like an athlete, David knew that if he practiced every day he would win. Lesson: Compete with yourself, not others!
  4. He Set Tangible, Realistic Goals: If there’s one thing David was exceptional at, it was setting micro goals that he knew he could accomplish that day or week. Rather than trying to plan his life 5 years out and getting upset that he wasn’t closer to achieving his goals, he focused on current objectives. Upon mastery of those, David began to gain confidence both in his short term and long term aspirations. Lesson: Make your goals smart, realistic, and time sensitive!
  5. He Never Took Himself Too Seriously: Life is so serious, but David always found the humor in it (just ask him about the cadaver bone in his neck — haha)! He reminds us that good energy is contagious and that people want to be around positive influences. He always made sure his work was done and some, but made sure he had fun and made people laugh and smile along the way!

David, we couldn’t be more proud of you here at Richard Allen Inc and all that you’ve accomplished since starting in our White Plains office! As sad as we are to not see you everyday, we know that NYC is lucky to have you and your talents. Thank you for the memories and the laughs, and most importantly for the inspiration. You are a shining example that our Management Training Program offers true, life changing career growth and we can’t wait to see the influence you continue in your new office. CONGRATULATIONS!



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