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3 min readOct 21, 2022


Before COVID-19, we found ourselves traveling twice a year, just for our industry’s national conferences alone. While the world was forced to pause, things have safely begun to start back up in the last year, and Richard Allen Inc could not be more grateful that we could experience the conference and all its magic again. This year, we packed our bags, grabbed our tickets, and flew to Dallas, TX, to reconnect with our colleagues! After time away from moments like these, it really helps put into perspective how meaningful they are. Today, we want to recap our trip experience and share the best highlights!

“You’re aiming for a feeling, not a goal.”

– Melissa White

After our travels, we landed in good ‘ol Dallas and couldn’t wait to soak up all this experience had to offer. We got to our hotel, settled in, suited up, and began socializing with others. After a nice meal and many laughs, it was time to get some rest and let the event roll the following morning!

First up, we attended General Session. This is where thousands of individuals across the country, with the same goals and vision in mind, came together to feel the excitement of the next few days ahead! After some hyped-up music, dancing, and public speakers, we were more energized than ever. From there, we took a nice lunch break, networked with colleagues, and got ready to head to one of many informational breakout sessions. We also enjoyed the leader’s panels, where professionals in our industry shared advice and answered helpful questions about their success. These are the best learning experiences!

Breakout sessions are each led by various leaders in the industry, shining a light on topics to help with our professional development. These are typically intimate gatherings where we can ask our mentors questions, pick their brains, and soak up their wisdom to bring back home with us.

“Work harder on yourself than your job.”

– Holly Clark

Not only do we gather together to sharpen our saws, but we also get to celebrate the achievements of our teammates and peers from the past year. When you work hard, you get rewarded, and it feels good to be acknowledged among those who share similar goals!

One of our favorite parts of the event was the awards dinner. Imagine a black tie affair theme paired with fine dining, wonderful music, and people you’ve been waiting to see! On an even larger scale, during this evening, industry leaders welcomed individuals on the stage who have met exceptional company goals, earning themselves a great bonus!

Overall, this experience is one we’ll always remember. There’s nothing better than quality time with your teammates, exploring a new city, and basking in your hard-earned accomplishments. We can truly say that we do what we love, and we love what we do here at Richard Allen Inc. To keep up with our travel updates, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!



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