Staying Focused Through The Highs And Lows

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3 min readNov 29, 2023

As entrepreneurial-minded individuals, our Richard Allen Inc. team likes to be in charge and in control. However, there is one thing that not even the most veteran business leader can take charge of — time. The minutes tick by no matter what, and the last thing we want to do is waste a single moment, so staying focused is imperative. It’s already April, but it feels like we were just welcoming in the new year yesterday. Time goes by quicker than we think. If you’re like us and have big goals set for 2023 that match your high standards, then you know firsthand how crucial it is to keep your head in the game through every high and low you encounter. We hope that these tips set you on a path to success!

Eliminate Distractions And Rely On A Routine

Being structured is a surefire way to improve productivity and prevent your mind from wandering. It’s 2023, and getting lost on your phone is a poor habit we all battle. Taking a five-minute break can easily turn into a wasted hour. Instead of allowing poor habits to control you, eliminate them altogether by having a daily work routine. While your tasks may shift, when you’re in work mode and when you step away should be identical daily. Doing so will train your brain to stay focused when you need it the most!

Get More Sleep

What’s one way to allow complacency to take over? Sleep deprivation. Don’t be one of those people who brag about how they can thrive off of 4 hours of sleep; you should be getting at least seven. Your brain needs a chance to rest and reset. By depriving yourself of this necessity, you are more likely to handle failure and setbacks worse than you usually would. Hitting roadblocks is a given in any career, and staying level-headed and focused throughout is important. So create a routine at home that has you in bed, without technology, at a reasonable hour!

Don’t Settle For Short-Term Gains

What’s the point of being focused all the time? The only way to achieve your long-term goals is to sharpen your daily habits today! We understand how challenging it can be not to give in to short-term gains; they’re appealing and provide such satisfaction. But that’s not what you’re working so hard for. Keep your vision for your future at the front of your mind. Then, nothing can stop you from zeroing in on what needs to be accomplished!

You’re probably wondering why we’re talking about staying focused during the highs and lows. It’s because so many people only focus on maintaining a strong mindset when you’re struggling, but what can be equally detrimental is getting too confident and losing focus when you’re on top of the world. Have a consistent mindset focused on what you want for your future because success is born from strong mentalities!

Our Richard Allen Inc. team wishes you all the best as you work towards great success this year!



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